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Is Bankruptcy the ONLY Answer to Save My Home or Business During this Pandemic?

Most of us are in severe financial circumstances because of the repercussions of COVID-19. But, there are answers in how to navigate through this storm and come out less for wear in the end. And it isn’t as painful as one may think!

Welcome too “Ask Ron Ask”. Ron Ask is the C-VINE News Legal Adviser and Elder Law Attorney. This man is brilliant with 38 years of Law Practice under his belt.

Every week we host a legal question we choose from our audience to host on our show for Ron to Answer.

Here is today’s letter (question) for discussion….

Hello Ron,
I live in Temecula, CA. and the owner of a local restaurant. Ever since the Governor Newsom mandates of limiting access of indoor dining to 50% capacity and then changing it to outdoor dining only – I can no longer cover my overhead, or personal expenses.

I’ve had to lay off a number of hard working employees and now can’t sustain paying the few I have left. Lord only knows I’ve tried. I keep hoping and praying things turn around and open back up. We owned our family restaurant for 20 years and was thriving before this pandemic shutdown.

There is much more to this, but the bottom line is I cannot fight off the creditors any longer and we are about to lose our home. One car has already been repossessed and our savings are gone, credit cards maxed.
The only out I see is to file for bankruptcy protection. Unless you have an alternative suggestion other than bankruptcy, what type should I file for?

Chapter 11? 13? 7?

My only hesitation is I see, is a quick turn around if by some miracle everything opened up again. Then I would kick myself for filing.

I don’t know what to do???

If you have a question you would like to ask to have hosted on our show send it to my e-mail address at: Linda@CvineNetwork.com. Please put “Ask Ron Ask” in the Subject Line.

Ronald W. Ask, since passing the California State Bar Exam in 1981, has had a long history of serving the Riverside and San Bernardino County communities in many types of law, but particularly in the areas of wills, trusts and estate planning, Medi-Cal eligibility qualifying coupled with asset protection, conservatorships, probate, will contests, trust administration and trust litigation.

Mr. Ask has been a bankruptcy law practitioner since 1982, as well and is a member of The State Bar of California and The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

For several years, beginning in 1993 and continuing on into 1998, Mr. Ask spoke to groups at many senior centers and other public forums on a regular basis. He has been a guest speaker at the University of California, Riverside, on occasions where panels of persons in the legal community have been scheduled for discussions for the benefit of pre-law students. Mr. Ask has also been invited as a guest lecturer at Riverside Community College on subjects such as Probate and Estate Planning and on Consumer Bankruptcy.

He has also appeared as a “talking head” on Los Angeles based network news and on Coachella Valley Television News on issues such as Advance Health Care Directives and Adoption.